What is Personality?

Muhammad Abubakar Mir
2 min readMar 29, 2021


Personality is a unique trait that every human being had due which it effect on people behavior and they behave in that way.

Sometime we see some people who share a lot of things with us and talk to much because their personality trait is extrovert and there are also some people who do opposite to this and their trait is introvert so these are some trait of personality. We can say that personality is that word or description that describe a person. Personality trait can be unique or it can also resemble with other.

There are some of the personality theories:-

1- Behavioral theory:-

This theory state that personality is developed by the interaction with the environment for example if an environment is friendly then a person will also become friendly. This theory is fully depend on the environment influence on personality development.

2-Humanistic theory:-

This theory state that a personality is develop by achievement of each person individual potential goal. There is also self actualization process which is the tendency of driving the force behind human behavior.

3-Biological theory:-

This theory state the a person personality is develop according to his genetic makeup. Our behavior is drive out by our gene. We get our trait by our ancestor in the form of gene which then remain in ourself.

4-Psychoanalytical theory:-

This theory state that our personality is developed by three element Id, ego and super ego. All our behavior are drive out by this three element. The id is our needs which it want to fulfil and superego works its opposite and superego enforce us to follow the rules of society and ego work at the middle of both.

As we discusses some famous personality theory no doubt every theory hold its importance. We conclude that the environment factor is repeating in the theories and hence it is prove that environment is a ,major role in the development of the personality So, in order to develop good personality trait we must try to spend the time in a good environment and company.



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