Narrative Therapy


Narrative therapy

The word narrative is derived from Latin narratives meaning a tale or story. In this theory, the main idea is that human experiences are so vast and ambiguous that we give them meaning, and in return whenever we feel or hear that influences our mind.

Basic principle

1-Reality is a product of social construction. Our interactions with others have an effect on how we perceive reality. These mutual experiences become our agreed truth.

2-A narrative will assist us in maintaining and organizing our facts. Making sense of our experiences can be aided by the creation of a narrative or plot.

3-Language has an effect on reality. People use language to interpret their experiences, and different people can interpret the same event or interaction differently.

4-There is no “objective reality.” The same experience can be experienced in various ways by different people. What we believe to be real may not be true for others.

This therapy suggests that a human in his life makes many stories based on his past experiences and that follow with him with remaining his life. There is also some factor influence in our development of stories such as Culture, Gender, Age and Environment, etc.

Problematic area:-

How narrative therapy works:-

Putting together all the good stories:-

In this therapist urge client to remember the good memories of his life after knowing or diagnosing the history of a problematic story that affects the client. In this way, the client will start to feel comfortable and these memories will be those that give the feeling of a wonderful life to the client and in this way that problematic story will get merged or collapse within these memories and the client will begin to get better.


There are some cases when a client had its big problematic story in his mind and it becomes difficult to forget that. In this case, a therapist will break down this story by doing some interviews and after that, the therapist after making that story into pieces will try to construct them with the association of good memory that the client feels in his past memory.


Also, the client explores something new in itself through therapy like in his past he considered himself lazy due to which he underestimate his capabilities through this therapy he gets aware of himself.

The client will get new thoughts with the positive impacts.



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Muhammad Abubakar Mir

🇵🇰 | Studying Clinical Psychology | Interest in Science, Psychology, Politics, and Criminology. For